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August 20, 2018 – City Council Meeting – Video

00:15 – 1. Call meeting to order.

00:24 – 2. Prayer and pledge of allegiance.

01:23 – 3. Consider approval of the minutes of the August 6, 2018 meeting.

02:15 – 4. Visitors who are not on the regular agenda will be given the opportunity to address the Council on any subject.

02:29 – 5. The City Council may consider, discuss or take action on a request from Keith Simpson to purchase or rent the building located at 607 Strong Avenue.

*16:34 – 6. The City Council may consider, discuss or take action on bids received for pest control services for all City buildings.

09:36 – 7. The City Council may consider, discuss or take action on approval of building permits.

12:18 – 8. The City Council may consider, discuss or take action on the demolition of the following property: A. Lisa Villapanda-1105 N. 13th Street-Lots 3-4, Block 5-Wilke I Addition, B. Misti Rose-1308 N. 7th Street-Lot 7, Block 1-Terry II Addition

26:10 – 9. Hear the City Administrator’s bi-weekly report.

29:08 – 10. Hear request for future agenda items from City Council.

29:38 – 11. The Ballinger City Council may convene into a closed executive session pursuant to the provisions of the Open Meetings Law, Chapter 551, Government Code, in accordance with the authority contained in the following sections:

Section 551 .074 -Personnel Matters –

A. Deliberate on applications received for the City Manager’s position,

B. Job duties for Economic Development Coordinator –

Section 551.071 -Consultation with City Attorney:

B. Legal issues regarding proposed amended contract with Millersview Doole,

C. Agreement between Ballinger Chamber of Commerce and City regarding shared employee. –

Section 551.071 – Consultation with Attorney;

Section 551 .072 -Deliberation regarding real property;

C. Discuss bidding on Lots 6-7, Block 22-Original Addition in a tax sale September 4, 2018

30:22 – 12. Action from executive session. –

A. The City Council may approve the hiring of a City Manager. – Hire Tommy Turney

B. The City Council may approve an amendment to the water supply contract with Millersview-Doole WSC. – No Action

C. The City Council may approve the job description for the Economic Development Coordinator. – Approved

D. The City Council may approve the agreement between the Chamber of Commerce and the City for a shared employee. – Approved

E. The City Council may authorize the City staff to bid on Lots 6-7, Block 22, Original Addition in a tax sale September 4, 2018. – Authorized to bid.

30:53 – 13. The City Council will meet in budget workshop session to discuss the proposed 2019 fiscal year budget.

31:03 – 14. Adjourn.


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