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November 19, 2018 City Council Meeting Video

Slides – 11-19-18

00:00:09 – 1. Call meeting to order.

00:00:17 – 2. Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.

00:01:27 – 3. Visitors who are not on the regular agenda will be given the opportunity to address the Council on any subject.

00:03:12 – 4. Consider approval of the minutes for the November 5, 2018 meeting.

00:03:45 – 5. Canvass the election results on the November 6, 2018 election.

00:06:14 – 6. Consider a resolution declaring the election results to be correct.

00:08:13 – 7. The newly elected Council members for Place 3 and Place 4 will be administered the oath of office by the City Secretary.

00:12:42 – 8. Consider setting the time and place for the regular and special Council meetings.

00:13:07 – 9. Consider setting the salary for the Mayor and Commissioners of the Council.

00:14:28 – 10. Consider appointing a Mayor Pro-tem.

00:15:26 – 11. Discuss, consider or take action on the amendment to the community center rental policy and contract.

00:18:24 – 12. Discuss, consider or take action on the dispatching service contract and rural fire protection contract with Runnels County.

00:29:07 – 13. Discuss, consider or take action on approving a community service contract with Concho Valley Community Supervision and Corrections Department.

00:32:24 – 14. Discuss, consider or take action on approving a contract and awarding Coldwell Bankers for real estate broker services.

00:33:33 – 15. Discuss, consider or take action on approving a contract and awarding Howco Services as grant administrator.

00:35:42 – 16. Discuss, consider or take action to allow Gayla Fullerton to re-evaluate the 2017 audit.

01:02:22 – 17. Consider approval of all building permits.

01:02:31 – 18. Hear the City Administrator’s bi-weekly report.

01:09:15 – 19. Hear request for future agenda items from City Council.

01:09:29 – 20. The Ballinger City Council shall meet in executive session as authorized by Texas Government Code, Section 551.071 (Consultation with City Attorney) and Section 551.074 (Personnel Matters) Council may deliberate on an appeal filed by a City employee who was terminated from his employment with the City.

01:09:52 – 21. Action from executive session.

01:10:31 – 22. Adjourn.


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