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City Council Meeting Video – December 17, 2018

12-17-18 Slides

00:10 – 1. Call meeting to order.

00:20 – 2. Prayer and pledge of allegiance.

01:37 – 3. Consider approval of the minutes of the December 3, 2018 meeting.

03:00 – 4. Visitors who are not on the regular agenda will be given the opportunity to address the Council on any subject.

05:49 – 5. Discuss, consider or take action to pass a resolution authorizing the City to apply for a 2019 Municipal solid waste grant with West Central Texas COG.

20:30 – 6. Consider approval of building permits.

21:15 – 7. Hear the City Administrator’s bi-weekly report.

21:25 – Update on City finances and spending

23:43 – Report that the Street crew is looking into markings for community center parking

27:08 – Will be setting up a committee to review bids engineering service for grants

28:10 – The City will be reviewing the bids for a collection agency

28:50 – Will be setting up a committee to review the personnel policy manual for updates

39:54 – 8. Hear request for future agenda items from City Council.

40:23 – 9. Adjourn.


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