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May 6, 2019 City Council Meeting – Video

To View the Meeting Power Point Slides, Please Click the Following Link: 5-6-19 – Slides

00:00:11 – 1. Call meeting to order.

00:00:19 – 2. Prayer and pledge of allegiance.

00:01:38 – 3. Consider approval of the minutes of the April 18, 2019 meeting.

00:02:28 – 4. Any citizen who desires to address the City Council on a matter not included on the agenda may do so at this time. Per the open meeting act, the City Council may not deliberate on items presented under this Agenda Item. All presentations are subject to a five (5) minute time limit.

00:06:04 – 5. The City Council may consider, discuss and authorize the staff to publish notice for a public hearing on a petition to close the following unopened street: Washington (now 13th Street) from Fifth Street ( Now Avenue E) through Sixth Street between Block 1, Lots 1-6 to the Southwest and Block 11 of the Reeder Addition.

00:18:30 – 6. The City Council may consider, discuss and authorize the installation of 4-way stop signs on the corner of 13th Street and Pou Avenue.

00:24:58 – 7. The City Council may consider, discuss and accept the recommendation of the Planning & Zoning Board to approve the variance request from Robert Hardin-309 Baker Street-Lot 7, Block 8-Sunnyside Addition Manuel Pena, Jr. 807 N 9th St.-Lot 2, Block 6-Bowden Addition

00:36:21 – 8. Consider approval of building permits.

00:37:12 – 9. The City Council may consider, discuss and approve the police activity monthly report.

00:43:02 – 10.Hear the City Administrator’s bi-weekly report.

00:44:27 – Scout Hut renovations are complete

00:45:26 – Mural project has been completed

00:45:35 – Renovations on the fountain at the Plaza are 8O% complete

00:46:28 – In the process of looking for better health insurance coverage for employees

00:48:49 – The swimming pool is set to open on May 25th

00:49:49 – Met with Laura Brown with TMCN about a scholarship project in the City Park

01:08:20 – 11.Hear request for future agenda items from City Council.

01:09:15 – 12. The Ballinger City Council shall meet in executive session as authorized by Texas Government Code, Article 5501.71, to consult with City Attorney Pat Chesser for deliberations regarding the depository agreement.

01:09:25 – 13. Action as a result of the executive session.
The Council will reconvene into regular session to take any action deemed necessary as a result of the executive session.

01:09:36 – 14. Adjourn.


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