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Notice of Water Service Interruption Updated.

 *Update* Crews will be in the area of 2nd and Hamilton/ Largent Ave. starting on 5/24/2021.

*A valve was uncovered during ongoing street repair, and was temporarily closed by field crews to evaluate water lines. We apologize for the lack of notice and any inconvenience that this caused. The valve has been reopened and water service restored.* 
The City of Ballinger is working on connecting service lines to the new water mains recently installed along 2nd St and Hamilton Ave. This will cause temporary intermittent interruptions in proximal residences over the next 2-3 weeks between the hours of 8:00am and 5:30pm as crews move along. We have taken steps to minimize these interruptions.
The anticipated schedule of work is as follows:
  • Crews will move NW along 2nd Street, beginning at Sargent at 10:30am on Thursday (5/20/21). 

    • It is estimated that crews will be able to complete 1-2 blocks of service connections each day
    • Interruptions are expected to last between 3-4 hours
    • Each morning during the remainder of the project, a notice update of crew location will be sent out

      • Residents within a 5 block radius of the crew location may expect lower water pressure or intermittent interruptions
This notice will also be delivered to local media and pushed out through Nixel as a notice, and all other formats of delivery available.
If you have concerns please contact City Hall at 325-365-3511! We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work to improve your water service. 


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