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City Crews have spent this week collecting brush/limbs by hand from all of the alleys in town as a final sweep. If any brush was left at your residence (in the alley), one or more of the following conditions, as per City Ordinance, prevented pickup:

  • Trash or other non-brush materials were present in or on the brush pile
  • Brush pile exceeded the acceptable dimensions in length or weight
  • Alley maintenance of home occupant’s responsibility was in disrepair to the point where it made the brush pile inaccessible

Any brush present in alleys as of 11/5/21 must be removed by the home occupant no later than 11/20/21 to avoid citation under Ballinger Code Enforcement. 

Going forward, brush pickup will be as follows:

  • Brush Pickup Policy:
    • The City of Ballinger will provide brush pickup services within City Limits based on a revolving quadrant pattern. (See Quadrant Map link at end of this post)
    • All brush pickup is subject to the following regulations:
      • Home Occupant brush ONLY
        • Any contractors who dump bush will be subject to a $500 fine per occurrence
      • Brush/Limbs must be cut down to less than 4 feet in length
      • Brush/Limb Piles may be no larger than 4 ft long x 4 ft wide x 6 ft high
      • Brush/Limb piles must be placed on the property line along designated streets only – limbs may not be placed in the alley.
        • EXCEPTION: Residences addressed along Broadway or Hutchings Avenue are to place their brush/limbs in the alley for traffic safety purposes.
      • Brush/Limb piles must be staged so as not to present a traffic hazard
      • Brush/Limb piles must be staged clear of all power lines, poles, trees, cars, and mailboxes
      • NOTHING additional may be mixed in with brush/limb pile (soil, grass, wood, trash, etc)
  • Brush/Limb piles that do not meet regulations for pickup will be tagged with bright yellow tag
    • Tag will state the date and the reason for non-pickup
    • Resident has three calendar days to do one of the following:
      • Remedy the situation themselves per instructions on the yellow tag
      • Remove and dispose of the pile themselves
      • Piles that do not meet regulations after three days will constitute a Code Violation, and will be cited
    • Reasonable Accommodation: Quantities of brush/limbs greater than listed above, or piles that cannot be safely staged on the street may be disposed of on a space-available basis at the City’s brush yard. This must be done by calling City Hall and making arrangements with Public Works for an appropriate City Employee to supervise a scheduled disposal at the brush yard.

Brush Truck Pickup Quadrant Map FINAL 10.7.21


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