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Throughout the Summer of 2021 swimming season, the City Pool faced multiple challenges to stay open.  In May of 2021 the City of Ballinger began to work with the designer of the current pool system, the chemical provider and the city employees in developing a plan to be able to keep the pool open in the 2022 year and beyond.  As a result of the design and evaluation process we found deficiency with the water handling system inside the pump building, as such some components of the system cannot be operated while we respond to the conditions discovered in the system; at times this may lead to color tinting and low levels of water; please do not be alarmed as this is an unfortunate side effect of the system repair process.

The pool design does require the pool to have a certain level of water maintained in it even when not being used for swimming to maintain the structural design integrity with its adjacent proximity to Elm Creek.

We do plan at this time to have the pool reopened, and strategically delayed this process until after the 2021 season to keep swimmers in the pool!

We anticipate that the pool should return to its normal aesthetics in November of 2021 as we wrap-up our process of pool maintenance and operation.

The conditions of the pool and the process we are currently undertaking has been discussed with council in regular session multiple times since May 2021.

Notice: The pool project may be impacted by supply shortages, including limited availability of chemicals, equipment and other supplies.

Update: 09-15-2021 Pool consultants were on-site to develop a plan of action in continuing the pool system without annual interruption to the community.  This included chemical testing and evaluations and system review.  Consideration for a cover to be installed as well as new chemical programs were undertaken to cover shortfalls in the existing system – this includes a lack of a cover system that currently exists.  While on-site the city was advised and executed a flush of the filtration system, and removed 6 inches of the standing level, then sampled and stabilized the water in the system with anticipation of having a circulation downtime that could not be determined for time.

Uptate: 09-20-2021 Pool designer was brought on-site to evaluate system condition and standing, a structural issue was noticed on the pump system and a plan of action was implemented to move forward.  It was noted that the system design had been altered causing the system to improperly function as they were designed sometime prior to the last pool season.

Update: 09-21-2021 A period based leak test evaluation was started coinciding with scheduled down-time to determine actual losses of the pool system, during this period water level will not be regenerated and circulation will be shut-down to determine where water losses are occurring.

Update: 09-23-2021 A pool pump system was removed to be rebuilt to appropriate specification – ETA for re-installation is TBD.

Update: 09-27-2021 The leak test evaluation concluded – however the pump system has not been returned for installation.

Update: 09-08-2021 The pool pump system was returned from the service provider, and has been reinstalled.  The system is currently awaiting recommissioning.

Update: 09-11-2021 The pool pump system was suspended to evaluate and respond to a circulation issue that required the valve controls to be temporarily modified until a permanent solution could resolve the conditions discovered.

Update: Future The city has received quotations on a cover system for the pool, and at this time has continued with the prescription of the chemical team and the designer.  The city has continued to keep the pool closed as in past.

Please call City Hall at 325-365-3511 for more information.

Regular Schedule Days Open:

Open Tuesday-Sunday 12:00pm-6:00pm

Adult Swim

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Family Night Schedule:

Tuesday:  7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Teen Night

Thursday:  8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Private Party Scheduling:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 6:00pm-8:00pm & 8:00pm-10:00pm

Wednesday (Only 1 party): 7:00pm-9:00pm or 8:00pm-10:00pm

Closed Monday to the public for Cleaning!

Please Call City Pool 325-365-1200 for Scheduling!

Season Pass:

Season passes are available from City Hall during normal weekday hours.  Call 325-365-3511 for more information.


In 2003 Ballinger constructed a modern pool which opened in the summer of 2003.  The facility is one of the nicest pools found in any community. Ballinger is very proud of the assets for the recreation of it’s citizens and visitors.  A “kiddie” pool is also located on the premises.

The pools are located in the beautiful, clean and well maintained City Park, located on the banks of Elm Creek.  Contact the pool manager for reservation information.

City Hall Phone:  325-365-3511


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Please note the following:

The City of Ballinger has installed self closing gated access to the swimming areas, and maintains a 8′ barrier fence with barbed wire. The city has taken actions to ensure that the facilities are also locked out during off-hours and maintains other levels of protection and response equipment as set by governing standards.

In the event that you observe someone inside the controlled area without City Employee supervision, please call 911 immediately, and notify city hall at 325-365-3511; the city does pursue violations of PC 30.05 to the fullest extent of prosecution ability.

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