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The City Hall hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, open during lunch.  The phone number is (325) 365-3511

Customers are able to get assistance before and after hours by calling the Police Department Number (325) 365-2121. They will contact the on call personnel.

Utility Services


Water Service Agreement

The City of Ballinger requires deposits for the following services:

Water Service                                                                              $110.00

Sanitary Service (garbage pickup)                                              $40.00

Sanitary Service – Commercial (garbage pickup)                        $40.00

Total Residential Deposit                       $150.00

Total Commercial Deposit                     $150.00

Exception:  Some accounts require a deposit based on a one month usage and billing amount.

*  Deposit is due in full at time of request for services

*  If customer has more than one service connection, a deposit is required for each service connection.


Refunds of deposits shall be made upon the termination of service only after payment of all indebtedness. Application of the deposit may be made in partial or total settlement of accounts when service is disconnected for nonpayment of the bill.


Inside the City Limits 

$40.00 Base – First three thousand (3000) gallons

$7.80 additional per 1000 gallons after 3000

Outside the City Limits

$60.00 Base – First three thousand (3000) gallons

$7.80 additional per 1000 gallons after 3000

These are the current rates, subject to change by City Council.


Meters are read around the 15th of each month.  The period of service is noted your bill, along with the usage.

All bills are due the 10th of the month; however, if the 10th falls on a weekend or legal holiday, by close of business the first day following.  Billing is done so bills are mailed the 21st day of the month.


10% penalty will be added on the 11th when not paid by closing of business the 10th.

Water service will be disconnected (cutoff) if payment is not received by close of business the 21st of the month.


In the event bills for services are not paid by close of business the 21st of the month (or the first business day following should the 21st fall on the weekend or a legal holiday), service will be disconnected (cutoff). The customer will need to pay a $40.00 service charge plus the past due bill in full to get service reconnected.

Customers are NOT to reconnect the water service themselves. If a customer is found to be doing this without paying the bill, a lock will be placed on the meter. Once the meter has been locked, an additional $40.00 service fee will be added to the bill.

Visitors to our City Park and City Pool say they are among the nicest and prettiest in Texas. Visitors year round have access to overnight camp sites. Camper hookups are available for $15.00 per night, check-out at 12:00 noon. These are available in two areas of the park. The City Pool is open during the summer months, staffed by certified lifeguards. There is an area for toddlers, fenced off from the main pool. The main pool has two diving boards on the deep end.


Temporary Disconnection of Service $15.00 per disconnection and reconnection.

Reconnection of Service – If water is disconnected for Nonpayment of a bill, then the reconnection fee is $40.00 during business office hours and $50.00 if reconnected after hours.

Charge for broken Cutoff in meter box $100.00 (if customer is responsible.

Request for Confidentiality

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