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The City of Ballinger was Established in 1886 by the Santa Fe Railroad and today Ballinger
is a Home Rule Municipal Government

We the citizens of Ballinger, Texas, in order to establish a Home Rule Municipal Government, provide for the future progress of our city and obtain more fully the benefits of local self-government do hereby adopt this Home Rule Charter in accordance with the statutes of the State of Texas“.

The city’s Home Rule Charter was adopted at an election held on April 2, 1963.


Chamber of Commerce

City Hall

811 Hutchings 700 Railroad Avenue
Phone: 325-365-2333 Phone: 325-365-3511
  Fax: 325-365-3445
http://www.ballinger-tx.com www.ballinger-tx.com
Facebook Page Facebook Page

Fire Department

Municipal Court

106 N. 9th Street 106 N. 9th Street
Phone: 325-365-5137 Phone: 325-365-5790
Emergency: 911  
www.ballingerfd.com  More Information
Facebook Page  

Municipal Pool

Police Department & Animal Control

100 Crosson 106 N. 9th Street
Phone: 325-365-2454 Phone: 325-365-3591
  Emergency: 911
More Information www.ballingerpd.org
Facebook Page Facebook Page

Recycle Center

Water Department

301 S. 7th Street 700 Railroad Ave.
Phone: 325-365-5135 Phone: 325-365-3511
 More Information More Information

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